How it works
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    Book an appointment by visiting our contact page & filling out our short form letting us know how we can help you

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    A personalized email is sent to you containing everything you need to know to proceed: scheduling details, payment instructions, & a history form to fill & send back

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    Together we will work out a date & time that works best for you & an appointment is created. At this time, we will require payment. See consultations page

  4. 4

    The video assessment takes place in a similar fashion as if you were in the physiotherapy clinic

  5. 5

    A report containing the clinical diagnosis, management plan, recommendations & exercises is sent to you within 24 hours*

  6. 6

    Follow–up appointments are then arranged with your physiotherapist depending on the consultation package purchased

* Just like in a clinic setting, not all people who are assessed by the physiotherapist are appropriate for physiotherapy treatment. Your physiotherapist will communicate with you if they feel that you need further assessment by a medical practitioner, need imaging, would benefit greater from seeing a physiotherapist in person, or would benefit from seeing a different therapist – either separately or in conjunction with the physiotherapist.

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