Let an expert physiotherapist from Cloudphysio guide you through your rehabilitation and manage your injury or condition.

When a person traditionally visits a physiotherapist for an injury or condition they are assessed, a treatment plan is formulated and treatment commences.

This is exactly the same process at Cloudphysio, the one obvious difference being that there is no hands on assessment or treatment.

Physiotherapy can be defined as care given to a patient intended to heal or relieve a condition or injury through physical means. Often in a clinic setting the physiotherapist will provide hands on treatment known as manual therapy as well as active rehabilitation.

We believe that in the vast majority of cases a person can be accurately assessed, and their condition managed with the use of online technology, and there is a growing body of evidence supporting this too.

If, however, after assessing your condition we think that you would benefit from manual therapy, we will advise you about this and provide you with physiotherapy options in your area.

We believe that the key to recovery is good management and active participation. If you are not sure if we can help you just ask a physio.

The following common injuries and conditions are well suited to telerehabilitation:

  • Acute or chronic injuries

    Acute or chronic injuries such as sprained ankles or knees, low back pain, neck pain, headaches or shoulder pain

  • Post surgery

    Post surgery, for e.g. ACL rehab, post hip or knee replacement

  • Injury prevention

    Injury prevention for sports like running, volleyball and skiing

  • Men’s and women’s health problems

    Men’s and women’s health problems like urinary incontinence

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